This week in Canada the Left Wing supported Nazism and spitting on hot women

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It’s the end of the week in Canada and nothing too much happened in Canada, just some left wing nutcases showing support for spitting on the people, and supporting Nazism.

Former Rebel Media journalist Faith Goldy was assaulted and spit on at the Canada/US border where she simply went to report news, normally independent journalist usually do this kind of stuff, you know, shoot video of content that’s supposed to make news, instead mainstream media was busy reporting on porn stars getting keys to a city. (Stormy Daniels received the key to West Hollywood)

Left Wing Canada showed support for the violence and spitting, they congratulated the (modern day antifa) terrorist organisation who don’t represent real anti fascism.

In other news this week, the Ontario NDP does not condemn a meme shared by one of her MP’s quoting Hitler, Tasleem Riaz shared the following meme back in 2013.

The mainstream media is failing to blow this up and NDP Leader Andrea Horwath is failing to remove Riaz from the party, if conservatives did this there would be a Canada wide outcry.

So that’s about it for news this week, nothing too crazy.

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