WARNING: Trudeau government opening door for ISIS to join Canadian Military

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The Canadian Armed Forces are looking to remove citizenship requirements for the Canadian Military in efforts to recruit foreign personal, most likely inspired by the Trudeau government.

To join the Canadian Military you are required to be a Canadian citizen, but that seems to be changing under the Liberals.

ISIS and other radical groups have already taken advantage of Canada’s wide open borders, and now this?

The Canadian government has proven they don’t have a proper vetting system, it only takes one radical to kill, this is dangerous to our democracy and future.


Canada’s military is considering lifting a longstanding citizenship requirement as a way to boost its numbers.

Right now, the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) offers waivers to foreign nationals only in exceptional cases — to individuals on international military exchanges, for example, or to candidates who have specialized skills in high demand.

That citizenship requirement is now under review.

“In line with the government of Canada’s objective of raising the numbers of Forces personnel, there are currently initial discussions to review the possibility for foreign nationals’ recruitment beyond skills applicants,” Byrne Furlong, spokeswoman for Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan, wrote in an email. “It is too early to mention anything about any results or conclusion of such review‎.”

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