Ontario NDP candidate wants to ban the National Anthem from sports games

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The Ontario NDP is currently leading in some polls by a small margin, but they have some pretty interesting characters.

From sharing Hitler memes on Facebook to trying to ban the National Anthem at sporting events to honer Canadian veterans.

As you can see from the archives, Laura Kaminker thinks we need to stop honouring our veterans in public, like sporting events, she published the following post in 2013.

Whether it’s endless rounds of “God Bless America,” (nationalism being the first stop on the road to war), the honouring of veterans who are always deemed “heroes,” or in one case, a plan to distribute dog-tags to kids attending a game (dropped after protests), the continuing militarization of sports is a disturbing – yet largely uncontested – trend. When militarism is linked with sports, spectators of sport are turned into spectators of war. War becomes part of the entertainment. Fans of the game are expected to consume both forms of entertainment – to conflate the two, to see them as related and inseparable – and to do so unquestioningly.


Why is war glorified at a baseball game or a hockey game? Why is military worship associated with sporting events? Why should we accept this as normal and natural?

Have we come to see war as just another sport? Is there an assumption that the people who attend sporting events are especially receptive to military propaganda? Or is sport being used as the great leveler, the mass common denominator, the stand-in for The Public, those whose passive consent is required in order for the war to continue?

This is hidden information and can be found here.

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