VIDEO: Justin Trudeau rushed to Hospital after speaking the Truth

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It’s extremely rare for the Canadian Prime Minister to speak the truth, so when Justin Trudeau said “Albertans have little faith in his government getting anything done,” it was a complete shock to hear.

Justin Trudeau was in Calgary to try and get Albertans to believe him when he promised them Kinder Morgan is a go.

Trudeau promised Kinder Morgan will be a go this summer, but the deadline for the company to pull out is only days away. So far no deal has been made, just empty promises.

Doctors who watched the program recommended Trudeau get rushed to hospital because he’s never spoken the truth.

Trudeau spend only three hours in emergency care and was released, he’s expected to make a full recovery in time for the next election campaign.

He’s expected to lie even more as he gears up to campaign.

Disclaimer: The hospital part of this article is satire, the lying is truth.