Trudeau approved grant to protest the pipeline he just bought

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Justin Trudeau approved a $4.5 billion transaction to buy the Kinder Morgan Canadian assets today, they also promised to fund an additional $7.5 billion to build the expansion line this summer.

Back in April a job posting surfaced by DogwoodBC who received a grant by the Trudeau government to through the Canada Summer Jobs program.

The posting was recruiting organizers for Kinder Morgan protest.

The job posting has since been removed by it read the following.

“As an organizing assistant through the Canada Summer Jobs program you will work directly with a Dogwood Provincial Organizer and the field organizing team to help our organizing network stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline and tanker project, as well as help us strengthen the public call for stronger, more accountable and transparent democracy.”

So now all Canadians own part of Kinder Morgan.