You won’t believe what Jagmeet Singh’s brother did in 2006

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The Ontario NDP are linked to some extreme left-wing radical idea.

From sharing Hitler quoted memes to calling for the death of many gun owners, they keep having apologise for their past.

But let’s not forget NDP MP Gurratan Singh, the brother of Federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, he was pictured in 2006 protesting using a sign that said “F— the Police.”

Gurratan Singh quickly apologised for holding the sign.

“Twelve years ago I attended a public demonstration and was photographed holding a sign I’m now deeply ashamed of,” Singh said in a statement. “I apologize unreservedly to police officers, their families and the policing community. I deeply respect the sacrifices police officers make in service of justice and public safety, and realize the importance of community-building with officers.”

Here’s some advice, if you ever run for public office, don’t be radical, it may come back to haunt you.

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