Ontario NDP Jan Johnstone “throw the red poppy into bleach and let it sit as the colour bleeds out”

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The Ontario NDP have been going through scandal after scandal over the last few months, more information is being revealed from their history.

From sharing Hilter quoted memes on social media to disrespecting the Canadian military to threatening to drone strike gun owners, the Ontario New Democrats Party have failed their first test, to gain trust.

This time the new scandal involves another poppy post reported by the Toronto Sun.

This time Jan Johnstone’s controversy was exposed when she responded to the following and said“I thought this post was relevant.”

“Nice post. I thot the Legion supported freedom of speech. Didn’t their veterans fight so that we could wear ANY poppy? Or did they just fight for RED poppies? Did my uncle die in WWII for RED poppies only? I don’t think so. The RCL glorifies all ALL wars, and wants the monopoly to do so. So a plague on their house!”

Johnston added and said“but also taking up an arts and craft moment — design and wear your own. Or throw the red poppy into bleach and let it sit as the colour bleeds out.”

This comes not long after Ontario NDP candidate Laura Kaminker said she won’t wear the poppy, “I just wear my peace button on my jacket as always and wait for the collective brainwashing to blow over.”

Johnston says her NDP has a plan to make change for the better, but can you even take them seriously?