Trudeau’s real plan for Kinder Morgan is to pump sea water in to Alberta to save the Climate

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It’s still unclear as to why Justin Trudeau approved the sale of Kinder Morgan assets for $4.5 billion.

Some reports suggest Trudeau will reverse the flow of the Kinder Morgan once complete and pump sea water in to Alberta to save the climate.

The Prime Minister has been actively campaigning for climate change even though Canada has very little to do with the destruction climate change causes.

Trudeau has plans to impose Carbon Tax on January 1, 2019 across all of Canada, many people see this as just a cash grab, but some support Trudeau on his mission to ruin Canada.

Trudeau also hates Alberta, that’s why he may be looking to fill Alberta with sea water.

No one know for now, the lies keep coming from the Finance Minister and Canadians are unsure why the $4.5 billion purchase was made possible when it absolutely didn’t need to happen.