Two months ago Trudeau promised Canadian workers he resolved the steel tariffs issue

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Justin Trudeau, your plain old compulsive liar.

Today the United States imposed a tax on steel to Canada because the two countries failed to agree on a NAFTA deal.

I’m not blaming Trump or Trudeau in this post, I’m simply the messenger.

Andrew Scheer responded to the news with the following on social media.

The announcement of new U.S. tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum represents a serious blow to the workers who rely on this industry to put food on the table for their families. Canada’s Conservatives stand with them and the entire industry.

This threat to the steel and aluminum industry has been looming for a year, causing massive uncertainty and a turbulent investment climate.

Just two months ago, Justin Trudeau promised workers in Quebec, Ontario, and Saskatchewan that he had resolved this issue. The industry is now facing massive new tariffs. It is clear that the Prime Minister failed.

Justin Trudeau missed an opportunity by failing to provide any measures in his latest Budget that would prepare industry for this possibility. Conservatives warned the Prime Minister that his government was unprepared for this development.

This is yet another cost to the Canadian economy, which has already seen billions in foreign investments leave the country under Justin Trudeau, and critical pipeline projects such as Northern Gateway and Energy East being shut down by the Liberal government.

Canada’s Conservatives will always put Canadian workers first.

Our support is only reinforced when confronted by protectionist measures from our trading partners around the world.