Maclean’s article claims oilfield workers are rapists

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Everyone has the right to free speech and opinion, but that doesn’t mean you’re not going to get criticized for your opinion.

An article published on the Maclean’s website claims “that pipeline construction means rape of Indigenous women

The article then goes on to mention a few isolated claims which may or may not be true.

The article claims that remote camps are a threat to women and are labelled as “man camps.” (Whatever that means)

As an oilfield worker I know this is not the case at all, in fact it’s the complete opposite.

I’ve spent 13 years in the oilfield and counting, I’ve never heard of rape or oppression towards woman ever in any oilfield or pipeline camp, and I’ve stayed at many.

Women are cherished in the oilfield, they receive every possible rights that a man does and enjoy their jobs.

Women also know most men are there to work their hitch and make enough money to feed their families in a failing Canadian economy.

Maclean’s seems to paint all oilfield workers as rapists in this article, Jason Markusoff is the writer and is a regular writer at the magazine.

Even though these are only “allegations” it needs to be said that that’s not the case at all, if there are isolated incidents then they should be investigated, but I truly believe they are isolated incidents.

Maclean’s needs to post a correction to the story and not paint oilfield workers as rapists. Pipeline construction workers are also oilfield workers.

Read their version of the story here.