New report shows refugees are mostly unemployed and cost billions

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According to a report by the Voice of Europe, 90 per cent of refugees are still unemployed after some time in Germany.

A study by the Expert Group for Public Economics Studies (ESO) reports that refugees cost $10868.43 CAD each per year in Sweden.

Over 30,000 illegal immigrants have crossed into Canada since early 2015, and as soon as they step across the border, they earn $5000 in Canadian benefits.

Canadian cities are asking for millions of dollars as irregular travellers get send to Montreal, Quebec and Toronto, mayors are asking for financial from the federal government in the tune of millions of dollars.

It’s getting out of hand, there’s no real reports and studies how Canadian refugees perform to the Canadian economy, some reports say 80 percent of them are still unemployed after one year.

There can’t be that many working, every time there’s a refugee success story, you will be sure to hear it on CBC.