Justin Trudeau Says That Indian Conspiracy Theory Is True

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It didn’t matter that the House of Commons sought to make a mockery out of Justin Trudeau for his position on a conspiracy theory about India and Ottawa, the Prime Minister stood by his claims. He says that India sought to embarrass the Canadian government to try to make rapproachment between Ottawa and New Delhi something that would not continue on.

The whole ordeal is in the mind of Trudeau because he points to the fact that a man convicted of the attempted murder of an Indian politician all the way back in the 1980s was invited to two major events when Trudeau was making his own visit to India recently. He believes that this helped to solidify some of the anger that elements of the government of India have towards his own country. In a bid to get even as it were, he believes that the Indian government may have ordered some tricks to try to embarrass the Canadians in retaliation.

Trudeau and senior members of his government suggest that the fact that the man made the guest list for these various events is a sign that elements within the government of India wanted to conduct this little setup to make the Canadians look bad. He thinks that it was done with purpose and intent to disrupt the progress that has otherwise been flourishing on talks about rapproachment. He refuses to take responsibility for the very real possibility that he may have simply made an error in allowing this particular individual to become part of the group that was attending the meeting.

The opposition party in Canada (the Conservatives) jumped on the conspiracy theory that Trudeau has floated and suggest that it is a ridiculous theory that does not stand up to examination. They say that it is beyond the pail to suggest that the things that Trudeau is saying are in any way accurate. They believe that it is a national disgrace that he is even buying into these theories.