BREAKING: Canada to face major poverty in only 15 years

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Scientists predict that in only 15 years Canada will be in crisis mode.

The Carbon Bubble will cost Canada’s oil sands to crash by 2035 thanks to the current government.

Canada is sitting on Trillions of black gold but the Liberal government refuse to extract it for economic values.

Via Global News

Canada’s oilsands industry would be among the first to collapse in a possible global financial crisis within the next 15-20 years, which is when a new study predicts clean energy-technologies will all but kill demand for fossil fuels worldwide.

The study, which is published in the journal Nature Climate Change, predicts this technological shift will drive a sudden and irreversible plunge in fossil fuel prices, wiping out trillions of dollars worth of investment known as the “carbon bubble.”

Fossil fuel exporters, including Canada, will experience “a steep decline in their output and employment due to the near-shutdown of their fossil fuel industry,” the paper suggests.

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