Canadian Soldiers ordered to return sleeping bags and Illegal immigrants receive free housing

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Canadian Soldiers were ordered to return sleeping bags because there’s a “shortage.”

And illegal immigrants crossing the border will receive 800 college rooms to sleep in for free.

Maybe that’s why President Donald Trump says Canada is a threat to national security, it’s so simple it’s stupid, Canada doesn’t even have a proper military anymore.

Via Global News.

The Canadian Armed Forces has ordered its members to return rucksacks and sleeping bag kits so they can be redistributed because of a “shortfall of equipment,” CTV News has learned.

A Canadian Forces General Order, or CANFORGEN, was sent to all armed forces members on May 28 commanding them to return the gear so the military can “redistribute material where it is needed most.” The order will stand, the CANFORGEN read, “until there is no longer a shortfall of equipment.”

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