Refugee sues Canada for $57.5 million

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A refugee who spent seven years in jail is suing Canada for $57.5 million for depression and harm caused against him during his time in prison.

The man, Kashif Ali, has no citizenship to any country, he entered into Canada under a fake name and documents.

The man was jailed for 7 years while Canada sought a country to deport him to.

The highly public case of Omar Khadr most likely prompted a lawsuit of this type, the Trudeau government has shown that they are easy to target for this kind of case.

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Now, in a sprawling lawsuit filed in Ontario Superior Court, Ali is seeking a total of $57.5 million in damages, alleging numerous violations of his Charter rights and breaches of fiduciary duty over his prolonged detention. The lawsuit alleges the detention caused him to suffer from depression and anxiety, auditory hallucinations, and the deterioration of his physical health.

Ali first claimed refugee status in Canada in 1986, arriving from the United States. The lawsuit acknowledges he provided authorities with a fake name before admitting his real one a week later. He claims he was born in Ghana in 1966 to a Ghanaian father and a Nigerian mother, but has said his birth was never officially registered. Both Ghana and Nigeria have refused to recognize him as a citizen.

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