Trudeau approved extremely racist message that Ford was elected because he’s white

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The Trudeau government approved funding to state media CBC by the millions, therefore Justin Trudeau is reliable for the biased racist content that gets published by the CBC.

Trudeau hasn’t condemned a recent article published by the CBC with the title, “Doug Ford was elected because he’s a ‘white, heterosexual man’: Checkup caller”

The title itself is racist, but the story comes from a Caller to CBC radio.

Mullings, an African-Canadian social work professor at Memorial University in St. John’s, called from Niagara Falls, Ont. where she cares for her mother. She sees his victory differently.

“I believe Mr. Ford got elected only because he happens to be a white, heterosexual man,” she told McCue.

CBC decided to publish it anyway instead of leaving it at the call.

The article is completely racist and needs to be condemned by the Prime Minister, please share this message to get the word out.

Read the CBC article here, your tax dollars paid for it.