Trudeau government announces new tax on school children and truck drivers

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What happened when carbon tax was introduced in Alberta? There’s a long list, but here’s a few things that happened, gas prices went up, wages dropped, and jobs dropped.

Not the Trudeau government announced that school buses and semi trucks will be required to run cleaner energy by 2020.

This means it’s going to cost money for private companies to create cleaner technology vehicles, and the cost will be handed down not only to middle class parents, but also children. EVERYTHING is going to cost more money.

The cost to run clean energy vehicles is being paid by consumers, meanwhile the Trudeau government invests billions in foreign countries for green energy.

It’s not an actual tax, but with the Carbon Tax coming into place in 2019, it will all relate to this therefore becoming a hidden tax.

Is it hard to believe? Real the new regulations set in place right here. And please share.