Global News advises Canadians how to Boycott Donald Trump

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We’re always criticizing the mainstream media for the simple fact that they are completely bias.

They should be reporting news, instead today Global News advised Canadians in a article how to boycott US products after President Trump imposed strong tariffs on Canadian products.

Did they forget the Tariffs are mostly Trudeau’s fault?

Here’s their headline:

Boycotting U.S. products? Here’s how to buy Canadian during a trade war

And here’s a piece from the article.

However, if you are hoping to boycott U.S. goods, here is a list of Canadian products to try out (local fresh products are also in season, so take advantage of a farmer’s market near you).

Share this and tell them to publish real news, leave the boycotts up to independent news sources. However, if you still wish to boycott US products, read the article here.