OPINION: Trudeau tries to ban Canadians for legally leaving Canada for vacation

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UPDATE: This article got fact-checked by Facebook sponsored AFP Canada as false, however, the article proves a point. The article shows a report that  encourages Canadians NOT to travel to the US to boycott Trump’s Tariffs by Justin Trudeau himself, while this is not a ban, it proves one point, encouragement from the Canadian government can result in a ban just like parody Twitter accounts, read more about that here. 


Yup, exactly what it says, Justin Trudeau’s attempt to boycott the United States using Canadians simply won’t work.

After President Donald Trump put tariffs on Canadian products, Trudeau and the media tried to give advice how to boycott Trump.

Global News tried to tell people what products to buy that are not American products, read it here.

And the Prime Minister tried to tell Canadians not to go on vacation in the United States.

“As for Canadians, I’m always one to encourage Canadians to discover our extraordinary country, to take vacations here at home, to continue to ‘Buy Canadian’ and, if Canadians are looking for extra reasons to do so, then so be it.” Trudeau told reporters.

The Canadian media has gotten in to Trudeau’s head, he is being brainwashed and Canada is turning against values of freedom and what it means to be Canadian.

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