Bill Morneau quietly gives Quebec $60B in transfer payments until 2024

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As if nearly $12 Billion a year isn’t enough, Bill Morneau renewed the equalization payments program to remain the same until 2024.

Quebec receives the most at $11.7B per year while Alberta and Saskatchewan receive $0.

Equalization payments are setup to be split fairly between provinces from oil revenue for markets like health care.

It’s also wise to note (off topic) that Quebec unions and other trades refuse to hire Alberta workers.

Saskatchewan premier Scott Moe says he’s going to fight the unfair equalization program but Liberals say it’s laudable.

“For Premier Moe to come out with a specific policy proposal is quite laudable,” said Trevor Tombe, an associate professor of economics at the University of Calgary. “It is certainly a contentious topic.”

100,000 people lost their jobs in Alberta and 3 years later still struggle to find decent jobs, but equalization payments will remain the same for some reason.

One day Alberta will win, but this time Quebec won.