Trudeau says changes are coming so Canada can handle more illegal immigrants

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Okay, I lied, Justin Trudeau did say that, but he said they are irregular migrants vs illegal migrants.

Canada has a government problem, and a illegal immigration problem, both of which don’t fit well together.

With thousands of migrants crossing the border in to Canada, the Trudeau government continues to accept with an open border policy.

Trudeau says changes are coming so Canada can accept more migrants.

(The Hill) Mr. Trudeau (Papineau, Que.) said the government is “in the middle of shifting our system to deal with a lot more irregular migrants, and to deal with the challenges that come with a system that has taken too long,” during a town hall event in Toronto last week. He said the government was trying to “accelerate” the processing of asylum claims, “so that you get a quick answer and a speedy removal [from Canada] if the answer is no.”

Open borders is not the answer, Canada will found this out within the next few years.