Six Months Ago Trudeau Said He Would Step Down If There Was Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Him

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Justin Trudeau believes in zero tolerance against sexual harassment allegations, except when it happens to him.

When speaking to CBC in January of this year about Liberal MP Kent Hehr, Trudeau said he takes sexual harassment seriously.

“These are not just compliments that were taken wrong, or comments that could have meant nothing. There are situations in the cases that we’re discussing these days that fundamentally made women unsafe in the work environment, unsure about themselves and truly affected their lives,” he said.

“There are no frivolous approaches that have been highlighted so far.”

Kent Hehr stepped down and Trudeau said if allegations surfaced against him the same standards would apply.

Recently a old story of Trudeau groping a young reporter resurfaced and the Prime Minister says at first he remembers the day well, then said he doesn’t remember any negative interactions that day.

So what is it? Did you or did you not? The media is being lenient on him and CBC covered up the story, read it here.