Another incident? Trudeau touches pregnant woman without consent in old article

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Over the last month the media has been silent over the Trudeau groping incident until they were forced to publish the story, but since then another story has resurfaced on social media, a story and picture of Justin Trudeau touching a pregnant woman in 2015.

The writer said it wrong for people to go up and touch the belly of a pregnant woman, it’s not very common no matter who you are.

The woman in the picture in this case said she didn’t mind, but not everyone will let it slide that easily.

Via the Guelph Mercury in 2015:

This week Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau was photographed touching the pregnant belly of one of his candidates at a Montreal campaign event and it spurred some discussion about politicians and whether rubbing pregnant bellies falls in line with shaking hands and kissing babies. In the photo, Trudeau is smiling and resting his hand on Liberal candidate Christine Poirier’s eight-month pregnant stomach. When asked about the belly rub, Poirier said Trudeau didn’t ask permission before touching her tummy, but that it’s something that happens to her several times a day with strangers and that no permission was required from the party leader. She called it a “perfectly natural, normal gesture” and said she doesn’t mind having her belly touched.

While it could be true that Poirier doesn’t mind having her belly rubbed by random strangers and politicians, this is not true for everyone. Some women find it uncomfortable, an invasion of personal space or in some cases go as far as to call it harassment. In Pennsylvania, a man reportedly faced possible harassment charges after touching a pregnant woman’s belly when she told him not to. Although this case is as extreme as it gets, other women are taking preventive measures such as wearing anti-belly-touching T-shirts warning strangers to keep their hands to themselves. The maternity shirts have messages such as “Hands off my bump,” “Touch the belly, lose a hand,” or “I’m pregnant, not a petting zoo” printed across them.

What do you think, is it normal for random men to touch pregnant women? Share and comment your thoughts, read the full article here.