Andrea Horwath “Ontario should welcome asylum seekers with open arms”

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Former Ontario premier hopeful and Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath says Doug Ford’s stance on protecting the province is hateful.

“Doug Ford and Lisa MacLeod’s policy on abandoning asylum seekers is wrong, and their rhetoric is hateful. Families fleeing violence, and the Ontario cities they go to, need the province to help.” she said on Twitter.

Horwath wrote a column in the Star using the image of a 3-year-old child that went viral in 2015, a child that genuinely needed help from another country.

To compare the child to the current illegal immigration problem is completely misleading and it seems fake news is allowed to be published by the Star.

Most so-called asylum seekers are currently entering Canada to take advantage of from PM Justin Trudeau’s invitation and to take advantage of our benefits.

Horwath also said Illegals aren’t illegals.

“Ignoring the fact that most asylum seekers and newcomers are not breaking any laws, Ford and MacLeod have dangerously taken to labelling them “illegals” — reinforcing the hateful rhetoric burning like wildfire across the United States. In doing so, they are stoking the fires of division here in Canada.”

It clearly states on a sign along the border that it is illegal to enter Canada at any place along the border other than a proper authorised crossing point.

So how is it not illegal?

It’s a shame the Star allows publishing of fake news, read Horwath’s fake news column here.