Turns Out 80% Of ‘Child Migrants’ Are Actually Adults

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There’s over 1000 migrants crossing in to Canada illegally every month from the United States, and most of them fly in to America then cross the border on foot.

Among them are many children, but how many are actually children?

A dentist from Sweden was fired for revealing the truth.

(VOE) In a shocking discovery, Mr Bernt Herlitz, a dental hygienist from Gotland, in Sweden, found in 2016 that 80% of the “children” he was inspecting were in fact fully grown adults, determined from the fact their wisdom teeth were fully grown.

Herlitz shared this informatin with an immigration officer, who told him to file a report detailing his findings. However, as a result of Mr Herlitz exposing these lies, his employer decided to fire and fine him, under the dubious accusation of breaking “confidentiality”.

Mr Herlitz then decided to sue his employers, and won; but the Region of Gotland appealed to the highest court in Stockholm, hired one of the best lawyers in Sweden and was successful in “crushing” him, as he puts it. Mr Herlitz lost the case and was fined roughly 50,000 dollars.

Stats are hard to find for Canadian migrants as to avoid so-called discrimination and hate against illegal migrants, the Canadian government issues complaints to social media when being criticised and policies need to change, Canadians are left in the dark on stats.