According to CBC, Faisal Hussain Is The Victim

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CBC is Canada’s state broadcaster and fully funded by the Canadian government to the tone of $1.6B.

But over the last few days after 29-year-old Faisal Hussain killed two girl in Toronto, one 10 and one 18 years old, CBC was quick to publish that the the killer had mental health reported by the Hussain’s family, not a doctor.

CBC was also quick to report that the shooter was shy and polite, and had a million dollar smile.

A day later authorities still haven’t confirmed mental illness was the problem, instead they found possible evidence of links to ISIS as reported here. It took American news reports to publish possible links to ISIS, not the CBC.

Very little was reported by the CBC on the victims of the shooting, Canada’s state broadcaster.

Ezra Levant criticized the network on Twitter.

And so did Warren Kinsella.

CBC acts as if the shooter was the victim, if there’s example of bias by the taxpayer funded network, they should be defunded ASAP.