Is Faisal Hussain’s Mental Illness A Hoax?

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There’s many questions still not answered when it comes to the Toronto shooting that the suspect, Faisal Hussain, suffered mental illness.

The only thing on Google news in Canada about the shooting are two main subjects, Faisal Hussain suffered from mental illnesses and politicians are looking into more gun control.

But is that really the case, or is the mainstream media trying to brainwash Canada?

The gun Faisal Hussain used was used illegally, so there shouldn’t even be a gun control debate, but did he suffer from mental illness? If he did it would most likely justify the crime according to the mainstream media.

Hussain’s family released a statement saying their son suffered extreme mental illness.

The statement was handed to a few selected media sources by Mohammed Hashim who considers himself a friend and has a troubled background,  including huge support for the Canadian NDP, both federal and provincial in Ontario.

He has several bio’s to his name as reported by the Toronto Sun. 

His groundbreaking political advocacy, public relations and media work has been widely credited by insiders as framing a new narrative for Muslims in Canada,” says a bio of Hashim connected to an appearance he made at CanRoots 2016, a left-wing activist conference.

The bio continues: “His workshop ‘Progressive organizing in the Muslim communities’ will demonstrate how the GTA Muslim community mobilized in the previous federal election, and laid the groundwork to start building a national political movement.”

His neighbors also didn’t see that he suffered from any illness as reported by the New York Times.

Toronto Shooter’s Neighbors Unaware of His Mental Illness

Another story published has him linked to ISIS, read that here.

Questions still remain while the case is under investigation, was the mental illness story a hoax?