Refugees not happy with luxury homes demand new apartments

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What would you do if you got rescued from a war zone and taken to live in another country? Would you complain if you received a luxury home to live in? These refugees in Greece did.

According to VOP

Refugees coming from the city of Thebes blocked the old National Road connecting Thebes with Athens. They were protesting against the ‘bad conditions’ of their houses and facilities. 

The migrants were demanding that they be given apartments inside the city instead of the houses that the state provides them. It should be noted that the migrant hot spot of Thebes is probably the most luxurious hot spot in Greece.

Thebes has many facilities for refugees, including a school, a playground, a women’s health clinic and pathology clinic, as well as, free Wi-Fi. The houses are air conditioned with all modern conveniences.

While this was happening, migrants from another migrant hot spot near Athens, were blocking the old National Road that connects Athens with Corinth.

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