Quebec announces plan to compensate taxi drivers after Uber’s arrival

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MONTREAL — The Quebec government has outlined how it intends to compensate taxi drivers who’ve seen the value of their permits plummet since the arrival of ride-hailing service Uber in the province.

It says it will dole out cheques ranging from $1,000 to $46,700 per permit, depending on the region where the driver operates.

In last March’s provincial budget, Finance Minister Carlos Leitao promised $250 million for taxi drivers without stating how the money would be distributed.

Taxi drivers in good standing as of last March 27 will receive at least $1,000, while there will be additional compensation of up to $45,700.

The value of permits has been more affected in urban areas than in suburbs and outlying regions, so permit holders in Montreal, for example, will receive the maximum amount of $46,700.

The province estimates there are 7,600 taxi licences in Quebec and that more than 4,500 will receive the maximum compensation.

Quebec says the money is part of a financial assistance program and not part of an agreement with the taxi industry.

The Canadian Press