British Muslims say they are being treated WORSE after numerous Islamic terror attacks

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Almost a third of British Asians claim they have been treated worse after a terror attack, a recent survey suggests.

Some 40 per cent of Muslims said they experienced a rise in negative treatment, followed by 26 per cent of Sikhs.

Those who took part in the ComRes survey for the BBC Asian Network observed being treated with more awkwardness and suspicion.

Just under a third said other people had been abusive, while 11 per cent said they had been excluded from events.

Of the survey’s 2,026 respondents, 1,197 were born in the UK. Countries of origin were predominately IndiaPakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

The survey results also found that British Asians were less likely than the wider population to say the level of immigration is too high, although 34 per cent said it was.

When the wider population was asked the same question, 56 per cent said they felt it was too high.

The survey also revealed that an overwhelming number of British Asians support one of the UK nations – with more than three quarters of respondents saying they support one of England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

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