A movie about a person who hates capitalism was sold for a profit-producing $10 Million

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Makes sense? No, not really.

Netflix made headlines recently for buying the rights to stream a movie that hates capitalism, the movie earned $10,000,000, a capitalist transaction.

The movie is about radical democrat socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the latest viral sensation among young brainwashed SJW.

Breitbart reported that the film, entitled Knock Down the House, produced and directed by Rachel Lears, was a huge hit at this year’s Sundance Film Festival winning the coveted audience favorite award. The film was a hot ticket for the festival and featured a Skyped address to the crowd made by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez herself at the film’s conclusion.

The bid for the film started at $6 million and was quickly picked up by Netflix for $10 million after NEON, Focus, Hulu, and Amazon wanted it as well.

The hypocrisy from the democrats continues on.