Reddit Users Are Trying To Shut Down r/The_Donald Because It Fits The Left-Wing Narrative

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Reddit is one of the most popular websites in the world and has huge influence in politics and world news, but it only makes sense if you lean left of centre and hate Donald Trump.

The platform however is turning itself into a haven for left-wing users just like Facebook has since Donald Trump got elected.

Reddit users are trying to shut down a popular subreddit called r/The_Donald, the subreddit has 724,000 subscribers and is blocked from advertisers.

A Reddit post on r/AgainstHateSubreddits has the following title after a Mosque Shooting that killed 49 people in New Zealand.

A desperate plea to the admins of Reddit to shut down /r/The_Donald and the remainder havens for hate on this site. – AgainstHateSubreddits

Followed with the following post.

“Hours ago, there was a terrible terrorist attack in New Zealand. It was carried out by a deranged terrorist gunman who was using common language and talking points that are often spread on /r/The_Donald. The gunman streamed the full horror of the attack on mosques in New Zealand.

I will not link to the video because it was so traumatizing that I don’t think I will be able to sleep tonight. The gunman uploaded his whole manifesto for the world to read and be further radicalized against Muslims and other minorities as well. It is being spread throughout the internet currently and I am afraid that it is going to lead to more acts against Muslims. I saw it all, and it is the product of the cancer being spread through some communities on 4chan and absolutely on T_D. The only difference for the reddit counterpart is that they resort to dogwhistles in their celebration.

This is a plea to the people upstairs to SHUT THIS SHIT DOWN NOW. You had the chance to stop this before it resulted in violence. Now you and the rest of the people who run this site are responsible. The evidence is overwhelming and the current dogwhistle being used is this post that has been made an announcement on T_D joking that “Islam is a religion of peace.” It was posted less than an hour after this massacre. The whole comments section of the entire submission is a cesspool of hate and bigotry.The gunman was literally using the same memes and bigoted statements strewn though that comments section. Here is a screenshot in case they decide to remove the announcement

Something needs to be done. I just watched more people than I could count get gunned down in cold blood… at a Friday Jummah prayer that I too would be going to tomorrow in the morning. Thank you Reddit for giving these racists and bigots a home to teach each other how to hate. You are to blame for letting it get to this point.

Your inaction speaks volumes, and you are complicit in this type of hate.”

The post is blindly blaming the shooting on r/The_Donald users and is trying to kill free speech only if it fits their narrative.

The statement is based on brainwashing opinion from fake news, for example this statement in the post:

“The gunman was literally using the same memes and bigoted statements strewn though that comments section. Here is a screenshot in case they decide to remove the announcement”

This story links to a screenshot where someone posted about a child being raped under Islam.

This is very common and is actually legal in Islam, but it doesn’t matter because calling them out is bigot and racist.

Thousands of children die from rape under Islam, when is the left going to start reporting those facts? Oh wait, it didn’t fit their narrative.

Reddit is doomed if they shut down r/The_Donald over a false opinion.