ISIS bride from Alberta has no regrets breaking the law, wants to come back

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She fled to fight for ISIS with her Canadian husband from Alberta 4 years ago, he died and she got remarried to a second husband who also died in the fight, she had a child with her second husband. 

Her name is Aimee and now that both her husbands are dead she has nowhere to go with her child other than to stay in refugee camps

A human rights lawyer based in the U.K. says it’s immoral. 

“It’s just immoral not to take a little infant like that back to Canada,” he said. “That’s dreadful.”

“Whatever you say about the mother — who’s a young woman — you can’t say that this little infant is anything but a needing, innocent child.”

But is it immoral? If you’re leaving Canada to fight for a group that beheads anyone part of the LGBTQ community? 

Aimee also said she has no regrets leaving to fight for ISIS. She has no regrets for breaking Canadian law. 

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