5 movies to watch this weekend

Knives Out Trailer #1 (2019) | Movieclips Trailers

IMDb score: 7.9 / 10

2. Cinderella

It is a romantic musical comedy film written and directed by Kay Cannon. Based on the fairy tale of Charles Perrault, stars the singer Camila Cabello with Idina Menzel, Minnie Driver, Nicholas Galitzine, Billy Porter and Pierce Brosnan.


It’s a modern take on the traditional tale and follows the young woman Cinderella who lives with her abusive and overprotective stepmother and stepsisters, who murdered her father for his wealth. It is the first live action remake since Cinderella of 2015 of Walt Disney Company. It premiered today by Amazon Prime Video.

Cinderella – Official Trailer | Prime Video

IMDb score: 3.5 / 10

3. Once upon a time in Hollywood

The last movie of Quentin Tarantino It is still all the rage 2 years after its premiere. The film starred Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie several actors also played great artists of the golden age of Hollywood.


Once upon a time in Hollywood (2019)

Once upon a time in Hollywood (2019)

The story focuses on the life of the actor from Hollywood, Rick Dalton (DiCaprio), and that of his friend and stuntman, Cliff Booth (Pitt). Parallel to the main plot, fragments of the actress’s life are narrated Sharon Tate (Robbie) and the cult members the Manson Family, leadered by Charles Manson.

Of the best works of Quentin Tarantino with an unbeatable soundtrack.


IMDb score: 7.6 / 10

4. Gloria Bell

Gloria Bell She is a middle-aged divorcee with grown-up children. But his life is not resolved, he continues to search for his path and purpose. A movie that seems simple but is deeper than you might think …


Gloria Bell (2018)

Directed by the Chilean Sebastián Lelio Watt, “Gloria Bell “Is a reimagining of the 2013 film”Gloria”. This new version has Michael Cera, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Holland Taylor, among others. His “love interest” is John Turturro, with whom he shared a screen in “The Big Lebowski”.

It is worth it if one is looking to reflect on life for a little while.

Urgent 24 wrote a review about this movie that you can read: Here

Gloria Bell | Official Trailer HD | A24

IMDb score: 6.3 / 10

5. Midsummer

Written and directed by the new master of terror “Ari Aster”, Midsummer it is a film that combines folk and horror. Cults, psychological terror, secrets, family traumas, if you are looking for a movie that leaves you thinking, this is the one for you.


Midsummer (2019)

A couple is not going through their best moment and they go with some friends to the Midsummer, a summer festival held every 90 years in a remote village in Sweden. What begins as a dream vacation in a place where the sun never sets gradually turns into a dark nightmare when mysterious villagers invite you to join in their disturbing holiday activities. This film gave her acting debut to the actress Florence Pugh.

MIDSUMMER | Official Trailer HD | A24

IMDb score: 7.1 / 10

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5 movies to watch this weekend