5 reasons he’s a great actor

Tom Hardy He is undoubtedly one of the great actors of our time. Why? Because it can still act in films action-packed dystopian, like in dramas or being an incredible antihero from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Of course, we want to talk about the official trailer of Venom: Let There Be Carnage’ (‘Venom: there will be carnage’, in Spanish) that has already been released and that leaves us very much looking forward to September for the theatrical release of the film that will follow the story of Eddie Brock (Yes, Tom Hardy) and Venom cohabiting the same body.

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Of course, this is not easy to adjust to, and as Eddie seeks to resume his career as a journalist, the symbiote Venom he wants to continue his role of protecting and … eating, of course.

But we also want to talk about the reasons why in the team of Animal MX We consider that Tom Hardy is a great actor.

(Before watching the trailer of Venom: Let There Be Carnage🙂

When it premieres Venom: Let there be carnage?

Although its premiere was planned for September, today, on the film’s official networks, it was announced that ‘Venom: there will be carnage’ will hit theaters on October 15th.

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In addition, they published the official poster of the film and it is: DON’T MISS OUT.

1. Tom Hardy Movies – Action Guaranteed!

We will mention some movies: The Drop (Delivery, 2014), when he rescues a puppy and becomes involved in a criminal conspiracy (rather?!); or how about Legend (2015), when he plays Ronnie and Reggie Kray, criminal and violent twins.

But now… excuse me, kind reader, do you have a minute to talk about how great Hardy is at Mad Max: Fury Road?

In 2015, when this movie was released, there were high expectations for being a reboot which, as we know, are usually difficult because there is already a previous work against which it is constantly compared. But ladies and gentlemen: it was amazing!

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Epic sequences, incredible battles, great performances.

2. He’s been a fearsome villain, so he knows all the “bad guys” traps!

Out there they say that to defeat your enemy you have to know him, and the truth is that Tom Hardy knows very well the villains because he has acted several times as “the bad guy”.

Example 1: In Bronson (2008) you don’t know if what Hardy — as Michael Charles Bronson Peterson– makes you scared or surprised. In this movie he acts as the most violent prisoner in England’s prison system (this movie is based on a true story).

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Example 2: how Bane on The Dark Knight Rises (2012), the last installment of the trilogy of Batman of Nolan, he is a cynical villain, cruel and uncomfortable to watch and hear.

Example 3: as John Fitzgerald in The Revenant (2015) is not exactly a villain, but he is not an appreciable character either. For this role, the Academy nominated him for Best Supporting Actor.

By the way, if you are one of the people who seek How tall is Tom Hardy (by?), the actor has a height of 1.75 meters and he is 43 years old (His birthday is on September 15, long live Mex… long live Hardy!).

3. Will it be the good one? the bad? the hero? You never know with Hardy

We have seen him alone a whole movie playing an extraordinary role in Locke (2013), where he plays Ivan Locke, a quiet man leaving his work and getting into his car and, from that moment on, everything changes. This is one of the actor’s films with the best reviews.

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Need I say that in Inception (2010) also does an amazing job as Eames? In this film he appears alongside Leonardo DiCaprio (with whom he repeated years later in The Revenant), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who was found again in the Batman trilogy) and the wonderful Ellen Page.

On Warrior (The Last Fight, 2011) transforms into Tommy Jordan who will fight in a world mixed martial arts championship (like WWE) against his brother.

And then we saw it in Venom (2018) as an antihero of the Marvel universe.

Some rumors indicate that Tom Hardy could be the next James Bond but the information is not confirmed by official sources.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

4. In real life he is also a hero

Like something out of a Hollywood scene, a few years ago Tom Hardy chased a man through the streets of London because “he had a feeling he was a thief.”

The events took place in 2017 and actor helped catch a man who stole a motorcycle in Londons, after he saw that two young men, on board the vehicle, collided with a car.

It seemed suspicious to him and he chased them … IN A HURRY.

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And yes, he managed to catch one, while the other was arrested by the police.

In the end, the London authorities reported that the alleged thieves were two 16-year-olds.

The actor helped chase some thieves on a motorcycle.  Photo: IG @tomhardy

Photo: IG @tomhardy

5. Most important of all: He loves puppies!

You see it very rough and everything, but Tom Hardy She has a chicken heart and spends part of her time to spread the importance of caring for animals and to promote campaigns for the adoption of dogs and cats.

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The hairy compasHardy’s are all rescued and he constantly references how the dogs that have accompanied him in his life (especially Max, a puppy who died in 2011).

“A dog couldn’t do anything to upset me, you know? And neither could my son, ”he said in an interview for ScreenCrave.


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5 reasons he’s a great actor