5 series to watch and marathon every weekend

All recommendations are welcome in these quarantine times. Whether it’s simple cooking recipes, books, apps to hang out, video games, podcasts, movies and series. These last two have saved us from the abyss during these times of confinement.

And perhaps we can think that we have to appeal to the “old” productions to have a good time, or to avoid making mistakes … But some streaming platforms have raffled off their latest productions. Because, over here we leave you (for homework) to see a series every weekend, and these are our recommendations that are without fault.

We start with these five:


Little Fires Everywhere

Hulu has been one of the most prominent streaming platforms for a couple of years. Unfortunately it is not available in Mexico, but some of their productions have reached other platforms and that is the case of Little Fires Everywhere, which will arrive on May 22 to Prime Video.

Little Fires Everywhere stars Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington and is based on the homonymous novel by Celeste Ng published in 2017. Here we meet Elena Richardson, a journalist and mother of a seemingly perfect family. And on the other side is Mia Warren, an artist and mother that one day he appears with his daughter to make a 180 degree turn.

Reese Witherspoon y Kerry Washington en ‘Little Fires Everywhere’.

This Hulu production is a miniseries that goes from drama (a lot of drama) to a story is suspended due to the fragility of identities, especially of two mothers who all they want to do is protect their children. Mystery, betrayals, lies, and a burned house that will reveal that nothing in a family can come close to perfection … only the love of a mother.

Little Fires Everywhere will be available on Prime Video on May 22.


MAY 29

Space Force

The Office is one of the best series (at least while Michael was) of the 21st century. We know that it was taken from a British production, but the version where Steve Carell appears was great, precisely, by Steve Carell. This is why we are so excited about the arrival on Netflix of Space Force written by the same team of The Office and starring Steve Carell.

AND not only does Carell come in the package, but also Lisa Kudrow, who played Phoebe in all 10 seasons of Friends. Here we are introduced to Mark Naird, who is “forced” to command a new area designed for space known as Space Force, and that has the objective of dominating the space … And militarize it?


Steve Carell y Lisa Kudrow en ‘Space Force’. / Foto: Netflix

But in Naird’s attempts to get the military, scientists and anyone involved in motion, everything starts to spiral out of control if not, everything was already out of their hands due to the nature of their mission. The rest of the cast is wonderful with John Malkovich, Jane Lynch, Diana Silvers, Ben Shwartz, and more.

Space Force will be available on Netflix starting May 29.



Run is an original HBO series that can be seen on the channels or on the streaming platform HBO Go. Every Sunday, an episode was released, and on this date there are already seven episodes for the series to be seen running. is produced and written by a comedy genius: Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who we (re) know as the creator of Fleabag.

Run stars Domhnall Gleeson and Merritt Wever as Billy and Ruby, a woman trying to rescue her life and a life motivator who were a couple in college. Being in this, They made a pact to meet again, whatever the occasion, if one of them received the “RUN” message.

Domhnall Gleeson y Merritt Wever en ‘Run’.

AND 17 years later, one of them sends that message and the other must respond with their presence. The series is wonderful for its black humor, but above all because it is a kind of thriller that navigates between comedy, romantic comedy, and a bit of suspense in exact doses.

Run is available on HBO Go.


Tales from the Loop

Television has shown us that science fiction is not only for movies. In recent years, there have been wonderful productions related to this genre and this first half of 2020 is Tales from the Loop from Prime Video, an eight-episode anthology created by Nathaniel Halpern.

The Serie It is based on the work of Simon Stålenhag with eight different stories that, despite not having a direct relationship (it is precisely an anthology), do form part of the same universe. The creators went from Sweden, where the writer is from, to a town in Ohio (extremely rural), but set in a future where people coexist with machines and supernatural effects. This contrast is wonderful.

The music of Tales from the Loop is a key element to the series, and has a fairly diverse cast as Jonathan Pryce and Rebecca Hall, led by various names like Jodie Foster. And not only that, large producers are part of the project such as Matt Reeves.

Tales from the Loop is available on Prime Video.


50 States of Fright

Quibi is a platform with a very innovative essence, since it is about series and variety programs with episodes of 7 to 10 minutes. Thus, with a total of 8 to 14 episodes, it is as if we were watching a movie but divided. And a recommendation for this week is the Serie 50 States of Fright produced by Sam Raimi which is also in the anthology format.

50 States of Fright It is divided into 14 episodes, and each story takes about three chapters in total. The most striking thing about this production is that it belongs to the horror genre … and we know that it is a complicated subject, but the stories are interesting because they stick to an older format of horror.

Photography, camera movement and music all appeal to a twist on the way horror stories were previously told. But it is the stories themselves, the ones that feel old, but not for that boring or with few effects and camera games that appeal to rural legends of the most mysterious states of the United States.

50 States of Fright is available in Quibi.


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5 series to watch and marathon every weekend