5 Ways Shang-Chi and Black Widow Are Similar (And 5 They Are Different)

In the last ten years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has gained recognition and popularity around the world. But everything changes, and after Avengers: Endgame, the following installments have faced a challenge. With Thanos ceasing to be a threat, the main story arc seems to have ended and it is difficult for the public to get as involved as before.

Spider-Man: Far From Home It was a box office success, but with it, Phase Three came to an end. Black widow and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings They have started the next stage in the MCU. The movies have their similarities, but both bring something new.

Warning: This list contains spoilers for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

10 Similar: Main Characters Are Trained To Be Assassins From A Young Age

If there is any character known in the MCU for their dark past, it is Black Widow. Natasha has pointed out many times that she has red in her account book, and wants to make amends for her past. His indie film delves a little deeper into his training and experience with the Red Room. The grim picture it presents makes Natasha’s death in Avengers: Endgame be even more tragic.

The origin of Shang-Chi is similar to that of Natasha. His father, Xu Wenwu, is the leader of the Ten Rings terrorist organization. Although he is considerably less creepy than General Dreykov of the Red Room, Xu Wenwu remains ruthless and exposes his son to training methods as brutal as those of the Widows.

9 Different: Shang-Chi manages to escape from her father early on, but the black widow and Yelena fail

The relationship between Shang-Chi and her father is very different from the one Natasha and her sister Yelena Belova have with Dreykov. Ultimately, Xu Wenwu does care for Shang-Chi, even if he is an abusive father.

This is one of the reasons why Shang-Chi manages to flee from the Ten Rings at a very young age. After fulfilling his father’s first assignment – preventing his mother’s murder – he is horrified at what he has become and flees. Xu Wenwu allows it. Natasha can’t afford that luxury, not until she meets Clint Barton and is recruited by SHIELD. Yelena and the other widows only find freedom at the end of Black Widow.

8 Similarities: Both Movies Feature A Cast Of Strong Female Characters

The long-awaited independent film of the first Avenger woman, Black Widow, focuses, not surprisingly, on a cast of strong female characters. Natasha is not alone in her journey to defeat General Dreykov. The most pleasant surprise in the film is her sister, the sarcastic and sometimes almost innocent Yelena Belova, played by Florence Pugh. Rachel Weisz’s Melina Vostokoff becomes her foster mother during an undercover mission in Ohio when Natasha and Yelena are just girls. Together with Red Guardian Alexei Shostakov, they reunite years later to take down the Red Room.

Shang-Chi is also surrounded by strong female characters. Her mother, Ying Li, is the guardian of the mystical dimension of Ta Lo, a role she renounces to marry her father. His aunt Ying Nan takes over afterwards, although they only meet many years later. His sister, Xialing, is as talented as he is in martial arts. Her friend Katy Chen may not have mystical abilities, but she definitely has the determined heart of a draconic protector.

7 Different: Shang-Chi is an origin story focused on the male lead

Despite the abundance of female characters in Shang-Chi, attention continues to focus on the conflict between Shang-Chi and her father. It is natural, since it is about the origin story of Shang-Chi. Still, fans are no doubt hoping to see more of Marvel’s new ladies than Shang-Chi has submitted.

Obviously, the dynamics are different in Black widow. It may have been intended as Natasha’s origin story, but it’s a bit late for that. However, the majority of the cast members – including the supporting villain, Taskmaster – are female. If the post-credits scene is to be believed, Yelena Belova will definitely play a big role in the future of the MCU.

6 similar: there’s a major sibling rivalry and family drama

Beyond the mystical element, Shang-Chi it is a family drama. It centers on a grieving husband who loses his mind and abuses his two children. Her son runs away from home and leaves her little sister to be mistreated and ignored. Xialing is deeply resentful of her father and brother. His reunion with Shang-Chi is a violent match at his fight club. They are then captured by their father and forcibly taken home to the Ten Rings headquarters.

Natasha and Yelena also fight when they see each other again, and in both films, there are uncomfortable meals that end very badly. Both families have experienced fleeting moments of pure happiness – depicted in the early parts of the film or through flashbacks – but that’s something they can never have again.

5 Different: Black Widow’s characters find more closure than Shang-Chi’s

At the end of Widow Black, the characters more or less manage to fix their relationship. Yelena no longer seems to resent her adoptive family. Natasha admits that her family was real to her too, just as it was to Yelena. Melina and Alexei help them take down the Red Room, even if it is something that goes against their own training. Yelena is last seen at Natasha’s grave, crying for her sister.

Shang-Chi doesn’t get that kind of closure with her family. He seems to cry for his father when he sees Xu Wenwu die, but then he returns to his old life without too much trouble and begins working with the Avengers. Meanwhile, Xialing almost seems to prefer Xu Wenwu’s unfortunate fate. This allows you to take over the Ten Rings. Only time will tell if this will bring her into conflict with her brother again. In any case, their relationship is still not in a good time.

4 Similar: the two protagonists are immigrants

Most of the characters in Black widowThey, including Natasha, are Russian. Natasha leaves the Red Room and moves to America after Clint Barton recruits her for SHIELD.

Shang-Chi is Chinese. After fleeing from his father, he arrives in the United States, where he becomes the target of prejudice due to his Asian origin. Katy Chen’s family is also Chinese immigrants, with three generations living in the United States.

3 Different: Shang-Chi is more culturally significant

Although Black Widow includes a vague sense of the harshness of the Soviet Union under communist rule, she doesn’t really go into more detail about Russian history. It also loses the honor of being the MCU’s first superhero movie directed by a woman in favor of Captain Marvel.

As the first Asian-led superhero movie in the MCU, Shang-Chi offers a much deeper insight into Asian culture. The addition of Katy Chen’s family offers a glimpse into life for normal Asian Americans, while the creatures that inhabit and protect Ta Lo come from Chinese mythology. The beautiful fluidity of martial arts fighting in Shang-Chi It is reminiscent of traditional Kung-fu movies. The black widow is more similar to the Winter Soldier in its nature, an espionage thriller woven into a world of superheroes.

2. Similar: Villains in the story are capable of using a form of mental manipulation

The main villain of Shang-Chi It may be Mandarin, but it is actually being manipulated by someone else. The Dweller in the Dark comes to Xu Wenwu from his prison, posing as Ying Li. Xu Wenwu attacks Ta Lo because he believes his wife’s people are holding her captive.

The Black Widows are also manipulated by General Dreykov. His daughter Antonia receives the same treatment, and Dreykov makes her his greatest warrior, the Taskmaster.

1 Different: Shang-Chi is all mysticism, while the Black Widow is science

Most of the weapons used in Shang-Chi they are magical in nature. The Ten Rings are a mystical relic used by the Mandarin to create his criminal empire. The Dweller in the Dark is a monster from another dimension, and the Great Protector defending Ta Lo from the creature is a dragon.

General Dreykov ofthe widow Black is an ordinary human being. Melina is the one who creates the serum that she uses to control the Widows. Apply a pheromonal block to all staff in the Red Room, preventing them from harming you. The only antidote to the serum is red powder, synthesized by an older Widow of Melina’s generation. The pheromonal block can be counteracted by cutting the olfactory nerve.

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5 Ways Shang-Chi and Black Widow Are Similar (And 5 They Are Different)