55 years after the first voyage of the Enterprise

Among the franchises that survive the passage of time, one of the most notable is Star Trekwell, even though turns 55 follow with a fandom enormous and its importance in pop culture remains present.

It is incredible to think that half a century ago was when this story began that already has seven series spin off, two animated films, and thirteen films.

But don’t worry, whether you are a fan or have never seen any of Star Trek, here we tell you why he has left a great legacy.

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More than adventures in space

From the beginning, this series creada por Gene Roddenberry It was defined as a western in space, although its stories would not only show great adventures, but also great lessons.

Despite having classic elements of science fiction and that it takes place in the XXIII century, Star Trek It is full of references to topics that still feel very current like war, authoritarianism, sexism, human rights, religion or even the role of technology.

The plot of the original series follows the crew of the Enterprise and their travels around the universe. This era led by the Capit├ín Kirk (William Shatner), who used to be very impulsive and that’s why he clashed with the first officer Spock (Leonard Nimoy), half human and half Vulcan, and who was guided by logic.

The series in which nobody believed and the success it reaped

But when the first series of Star Trek premiered on September 8, 1966 this was not an immediate success.

His rating was very low and even before the end of the first season, they had already thought about canceling it.

Despite having everything against me, Star Trek survived for a second season and after a wave of letters (about 115,000) sent by fans, he managed a third that ended in 1969.

However, despite what the television network said, this series had already started a great legacy.

On a different list

It is true that the world of science fiction in film and television changed with the arrival of Star Trek in 1966 for its effects, costumes and other visual elements. But something that to date is still widely applauded its great and different list.

It is true that the original crew of the Enterprise has iconic characters, although what was most impressive is the level of representation that it handles considering that it was the 60s.

Back then it was still very rare to see casts multiracial or gender diverse and this series had both.

The crew led by James T. Kirk had among its members the communications officer Star Uhura, played by the African-American actress Nichelle Nichols.

The character was very important and became a female role, since she was one of the few who did not present black people with the classic stereotypes.

star trek

The role of the actress was so important that she herself has spoken on different occasions like Martin Luther King himself He asked her to stay in the show when she thought about leaving it, since Uhura was already a symbol of equality.

Another similar case is that of the officer and pilot Hikaru Sulu, interpreted by George Takei, a Japanese American actor.

As with the characters of black race, those of Asian origin were only presented with “evil” or caricatured roles.

Best of all, having a diverse crew became a signature element of the franchise, as it is something that we can see in the spin off. For instance, Star Trek: Voyager has a woman in command: Captain Katherine Janeway (Kate Mulgrew).

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The first convention and the animated series

It was already a fact that the series was a phenomenon, because in 1971 a student named Mike Mayfield programmed what was the first computer game in the series. And yes, although it was not yet the height of this technology, there were several people who played it.

In addition, in 1972 became the first fan convention of Star Trek In New York. Although only with three thousand people, for the following year there were 21 thousand fans.

It was also in 1973 that the animated series of the franchise was launched and had a large part of the original cast to voice its character. Although it only lasted a year, the series managed to win an Emmy.

A new life

After the success of Star Wars and of Close Encounters of the Third Kind In 1977, it became clear that people loved stories related to space. Because it was decided that the return of the franchise would be in the movies.

In 1979 it was launched Star Trek The Movie with the original cast. Although it did not overflow the box office, it was enough for five more films to be made.

The second half of this film saga coincided with a new series: Star Trek: The Next Generation, which was launched in 1987. It had new characters, as it was developed a century after the first.

star trek

Later this production would also have its own movie saga and would be followed by other spin-offs that would last until mid-2005.

Although trekkies and trekkers (names by which the franchise fandom is called) had a drought of new content, the legacy of the series in popular culture was already obvious.

Everywhere, as in The Simpson, you could see parodies or references to elements of Star Trek; what’s more, everyone knew the Vulconian greeting and the phrase “Long live and prosperity.”

Star Trek for new generations?

For all those people who had never seen the series, in 2009 it was launched a new film saga directed by JJ Abrams that serves as a kind of reboot.

Introduce characters from the original series with a cast to attract new audiences such as Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto y Zoe Saldana.

And boy did they do it, as it was a box office success and they followed him two sequels: Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) and Star Trek Beyond (2016).

But that was not the last that the fans of yesteryear would see, as it would arrive Discovery in 2017 It serves as a prequel to the original series.

And yes, the love for his fans is so great that it has three seasons and a fourth is expected.

In 2018 it was launched Short Treks, an anthological series of short films derived from the history of Discovery.

In 2020 another two productions arrived; the first is Picard and follow Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart), one of the characters featured in The new generation.

The other series of Star Treck it is Lower Decks, an adult animated series created by Mike McMahan, screenwriter of Rick and Morty.

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What does the future hold?

Those who complain about how eternal the Star Wars saga seems is because they do not know everything the journey, the history and the legacy what has left Star Trek.

Who would have thought that after 55 years the original series would still have a lot of spin-offs developed in the same universe.

And that’s not counting that other products have also been adapted such as books, comics, video games, documentaries, board games, among others.

Rumors of a movie for the franchise are currently continuing. The most recent was announced in July 2021 and is expected to be directed by Matt Shakman (WandaVision).

And the series are not far behind, because just as animation has already tried to reach adults with Lower Decks, Nickelodeon seeks to reach children with the cartoon Prodigy.

It is also working on the series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds to launch in 2022, which will serve as a spin off for the 2017 series Discovery.

So Star Trek has taken the phrase “long life and prosperity” very seriously, as it seems that we will never have an end to this story.

But the truth, we do not see that trekkies O trekkers complain; In addition, every September 8 they celebrate Star Trek Day without fail.

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55 years after the first voyage of the Enterprise