6 directors who went too far to achieve the realism of their films: they allowed bumps and accidents

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Realism is one of the most sought-after narrative elements in movies by Hollywood directors and producers.

That is why the filming is moved to different parts of the world in order to find the ideal place to tell a story. Similarly, it is the reason for the rapid development of visual and special effects.

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But, sometimes, in search of that realistic shot, directors go a bit beyond the established guidelines, to such a degree that they even endanger the health of their actors and actresses.

Here are 6 times film directors went too far to achieve realism in their films.

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# 1 The price of an Oscar

According to The Telegraph, Leonardo DiCaprio revealed that conditions were harsh when filming. The Revenant.

The cold was so intense that the operators’ hands were sticking to the cameras and the actors were shaking the entire time.

Leonardo commented that given the situation, he told Alejandro González Iñárritu:

“I am in favor of lasting realism, but there comes a point where nothing is operable”

Also, it is known that Leonardo himself asked to eat real raw meat in one scene, to make it more realistic in the movie.

#2 The glow

The glow is, for many fans and experts, the best horror movie of all time. That fame is due, in large part, to how meticulous its director, Stanley Kubrick, was in each of the takes.

Shelley Duvall, the leading actress of the film, confessed that for her the filming of the scene where Jack Torrance fell into madness was unbearable, since the Kubrick was not satisfied until after taking 127 takes.

# 3 Leaving big stars aside

The Thin Red Line It is one of Terrence Malick’s best films, and perhaps one that he put the most effort into.

The bad thing is that this director did not know when he had to finish until he had already 6 hours of tape.

Because no movie theater was going to project something like this, Terrence had to cut his film down and in the process cut out the performances of big stars like Gary Oldman, Lukas Haas, Viggo Mortensen or Martin Sheen.

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# 4 Jackie Chan never tires

Jackie Chan was famous for filming his action scenes without the help of a stunt double. Although also because when he was the director of one of his films, he showed his most meticulous side.

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On Dragon Strike, the actor wanted everything to be perfect, so he did not hesitate to record a scene almost 3,000 times as long as it will remain as he had envisioned it.

#5 Uma Thurman vs. Tarantino

In an interview for the New York Times, Uma Thurman acknowledged that she had a big fight with Quentin Tarantino over a scene from Kill Bill.

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Apparently, the director forced her to perform a stunt so dangerous that the car she was riding in sank into the water and she was seriously injured.

“Quentin and I had a huge fight and I accused him of trying to kill me,” Thurman explained.

# 6 What nobody talks about about fight club

Edward Norton revealed to Hollywood.com that director David Fincher forced him to hit Brad Pitt for real in Fight Club.

“It’s the first punch in the movie and I hit him on the ear. Fincher came up to me and said, “Hit him, connect with him somewhere.” I didn’t know what to do and I hit him in the ear »

Do you know of other moments when the director went too far to achieve realism in his film? Tell us in the comments.

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6 directors who went too far to achieve the realism of their films: they allowed bumps and accidents