7 times Lili Reinhart wore the best coral beauty look

Lili Reinhart, our favorite actress of the cast Riverdale, the master of the most romantic beauty looks and owner of our hearts after having given a speech about the image we have of our own bodies.

Lili has confessed that she believed she was going to dedicate herself to makeup and we love to see how she dares to wear different looks, always under a very classy and romantic line. In fact, Reinhart used makeup on the set of Riverdale and he also did it in the movie Hustlers, where he acted together with JLo.

The actress knows very well how to match hair and makeup and has a glam squad that achieves thousands of pins on Pinterest and millions of likes with each beauty snap that goes up. But have you noticed that it always does it in the same color range? She knows peach and coral shades look top on her and she always chooses something on that spectrum.

More natural, impossible

Lily loves peach shadows and wearing a minimal look almost every time we see her post something. Here she also wears a bandana on her head, one of the hottest trends of last year and this, so you too dare if you go to the beach or if you want to be at home without having to worry about your hair.

Flower power

Baby pink tones are perfect for a cute touch in every look. Although the trend in leather is almost always glowy, Lili preferred a matte complexion that she achieves with a Covergirl compact powder, as she herself has revealed in several interviews.

Lili Reinhart makeup


Not only did she wear her hair with a wet effect (something you can achieve by making a mixture of oil, gel and water and applying it to wet hair so that it does not lose the shiny effect), the actress also opted for a coral gloss that gives volume to XXL lips and eyelashes that you can also have with a waterproof mascara (continuing with the pool theme of this look).

Lili Reinhart beauty look

Head godess

As you can see, Lili Reihart is a specialist in makeup and hairstyle that is subtle but really highlights any faction. She plays with her eyes and we will always see her with perfect eyebrows, but never too marked. Stay away from the tweezers and comb your eyebrows upwards, a tip from the grandmothers that is still a must in our routine. Do a full face makeup in peach or coral tones and, the secret, a lot of liquid illuminator on cheekbones and highlights, that’s it.

coral shades makeup

Cutie pie

For the Rodarte campaign, Lili Reinhart wore pearls in her hair, and that look inspired us a hundred to wear it to a wedding or party (whenever possible). If you want them not to come off, apply a hairspray on the hair and add the pearls or blings with tweezers and special glue or Glued gel from Got2b on Amazon. The makeup? coral lips achieved with a tint in the center of the mouth.

hairstyle with pearls

The bold one

When the actress wants her look to be more intense, she does not go out of her range of colors, she takes the warm tone to the fullest in the shadows and applies it to the entire upper and lower eyelids and then closes with defined and thin lashes and leaves the fairly neutral complexion.

smokey eye tonos coral

Met Gala Royal

In 2019, Lili Reihart dared with this much more editorial look, where she applied deep pink shadows to the outer corners of the eye and on the hairline in addition to the cheekbones. This look, complemented with hair, reminds us of a modern Marie Antoinette and was perfect for that year’s Gala theme.

met gala Lili Reinhart

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7 times Lili Reinhart wore the best coral beauty look