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candy man , from 1992, remains a favorite horror movie for being not only a sharp commentary on race, but also a terrifying movie. It was followed by two sequels that failed to live up to the original. However, it seems that the most recent, also called candyman, from director Nia DaCosta and producer and co-writer Jordan Peele, has managed to bring back the spirit of the 1992 film.

candy man by DaCosta also delves into debates about race that are as current now as they were in the 1990s. The 1990s, in particular, were a very experimental time for horror cinema, but quite a few of these films had no success, unlike candy man and Scream, for instance. Those 90s movies that were unsuccessful certainly have the potential to be revised and improved for the present day, as their themes and ideas could resonate with modern audiences.

9 A virus reboot could take longer than the original

Based on a short series by Dark Horse Comics, Virus stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Sutherland, who play the crew members of a tugboat whose ship is taken over by aliens willing to turn humans into their cybernetic slaves. The film failed to critics and the box office, and Curtis herself has stated that she hates it.

The premise is not so original, but the success of a reboot would lie in its execution. In the hands of a director like Dan Trachtenberg of 10 Cloverfield Lane, a reboot of Virus It could stand out as an unpredictable and inventive entry into the pantheon of great sci-fi horror movies.

8 The Urban Legend Could Have New Stories Up Its Sleeve

The Urban Legend 1998 centered on a college campus assaulted by a serial killer who models his murders after popular urban legends of the time, such as “Bloody Mary” and “The Hookman.”

Since the release of the original film, the advent of the internet has allowed people to create new urban legends in the form of creepypastas, one of the most famous creations being the Slender Man. A modernized reboot of the Urb Legend Ana could draw on numerous creepypastas and go even further with their horror.

7 Sometimes they come back could have a bigger impact

Sometimes They Come Back focuses on Jim Norman, who returns to his hometown to work as a history teacher at a high school. Years earlier, Jim and his older brother Wayne were accosted by a gang of “greasers” and Wayne was killed. The “greasers” were later killed in a train wreck. In the present, one of Jim’s students dies mysteriously and is replaced by one of the dead “greasers”, looking the same as years ago. As other students begin to die and more of the greasers take their place, Jim realizes that they have returned for revenge.

The 1991 film’s lower television budget prevents it from reaching its full potential, which would otherwise be a tight piece of psychological horror. With a much higher budget and a Hard-R rating, Sometimes They Come Back could delve into the relentless violence and psychological despair at its core.

6 The man with the lawnmower deserves a little attention

The lawnmower man From 1992, you see a mentally challenged gardener named Jobe Smith undergo virtual reality tests that soon increase his intelligence and grant him powers such as psychokinesis. Jobe’s increased powers soon cause him to lose control and he attempts to become a god within the world of virtual reality.

The film was not highly rated by critics, and its outstanding visuals have aged poorly. Like Virus, the scheme of The cutter mangrass has already been done before. Perhaps another director could bring a more gruesome and nuanced take on this story, especially with the use of the current, greatly improved visuals.

5 Leprechaun could return to the top with the right luck

The franchise Leprechaun began in 1993 and the films have earned a following for their sheer ridiculousness, anchored by Warwick Davis’ performance as the titular Leprechaun. Davis reprized the role for more than a decade until the much more serious reboot of 2014, Leprechaun: Origins, that failed to regain the same charm as the previous films.

Espiral: From the Book of Saw , director Darren Lynn Bousman has long wanted to give back to the franchise Leprechaun to his sillier roots, along with Davis reprising his iconic role. Hopefully Bousman gets the keys to the franchise.

4 necessary things could attract more customers like a TV series

Stephen King’s novel Needful Things already had a failed film adaptation in 1993, but to be fair, it would have been very difficult to make it work as a movie due to the time it took to focus on each of the characters.

If this dark humor story about greed in a small town had another adaptation, the best would be a limited series of several episodes. In this way, each character and each plot point would be properly developed and coherently merged rather than condensed into one film.

3 Prawns don’t have to be a laughingstock

The Langoliers follows a group of airline passengers who wake up mid-flight to find that they are the only ones still on board. They realize that their plane has entered a temporary rift that has led them to the past and must find a way to return to the present before being consumed by some hideous creatures referred to as “the Langoliers”.

The film suffers from having overstretched the plot and from underperforming effects for the Langolios themselves. A tight-paced feature film that makes some changes to the short story would be welcome, especially if those changes are really supported by the paranoia felt by the passengers and the Lovecraftian horror of the monsters.

2 A well done Wishmaster reboot would be a wish come true

Wishmaster It is about an ancient evil djinn who plans to summon his companions to enslave humanity. Meanwhile, he accumulates energy by granting the wishes of those he crosses paths with, but in a deliberately morbid way – for example, a woman who wishes to remain beautiful forever is turned into a mannequin – while the woman who accidentally freed him try to stop their tyranny.

The first film was greatly favored by some creative prosthetics from directors Robert Kurtzman and Greg Nicotero. The premise of an evil genie granting wishes in the worst possible way has limitless possibilities for some truly gruesome scenes, but we hope the new movie continues to rely more on prosthetics and practical effects than CGI.

1 Vampire in Brooklyn could also benefit from Jordan Peele’s vision

A Wes Craven and Eddie Murphy couple should have been a hit, but Vampire in Brooklyn, 1995, was a commercial and critical failure. That doesn’t mean there isn’t the potential to improve this story in some way, and Jordan Peele himself, from candy man, it would be very suitable to handle a remake of this movie.

Peele has shown, both in Get Outlike in Us , you can combine your comedy background with your knowledge of the elements of horror to create a haunting and tense atmosphere, but you know when and where to go for a fun time to relieve tension. Not only that, but it would be interesting to see Peele face a story starring vampires.

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