a parade for bookworms with Venus Williams and Alexa Chung

Few designers take as much care of their second lines as they do Miuccia Prada with Miu Miu. Possibly, the fact that it is called with the creator’s family nickname has a lot to do with it, but no one doubts either that the perfectionist desire of its founder makes the firm’s level (calling it the second line, the truth is that it does not make justice) is exceptional.

The fashion conversation between Raf Simons and Miuccia Prada

Marita alonso

For next summer, the creator has made a trip to the 90s, the nerdy airs that under the prism of Prada become an object of desire designed to compete if necessary with the risky and sensual creations of Olivier Rousteing. If he is committed to the sexual, in Miu Miu they are more of the poetic rationalism that their designer prints them.

Next summer’s collection is partly reminiscent of Marc Jacobs from the 90s, but it has those gorgeous, delicate details that are part of Miu Miu’s DNA. I mean her embroidery with crystal beads and flower shapes that we can see in her minidresses. Of course, if something attracted attention on this occasion, it was the planning of short garments, both very minis mini skirts and very short tops (in some cases it was not clear if the garment in question was a top or a skirt), accentuated with the use of belts to further highlight these designs. They were combined with wide jackets and coats that served as a counterpoint to this vindication of the female body. In addition, the collection drew a lot from the silhouette and the masculine wardrobe, with shirts, pants and sweaters that in Miuccia’s hands became a new concept.

The color palette was very defined, with the primacy of earth tones and camel, with some concession to green, black or gold. Miuccia also took up the idea that she tried a few seasons ago to combine her delicate shoes with fine heels with generous gray socks, emphasizing even more that 90s aesthetic that many try to recover. In the case of Miu Miu, instead of looking at the warehouses and the nightclubs, she resorts to the aesthetics of bookworms or members of the science club, a land where the owner of one of the most important contemporary art collections the world seems to feel more comfortable.

And surely some of your guests, as it was Pauline Chalamet, the American actress, writer and director, sister of actor Timothée Chalamet, also share those tastes with her.

Pauline Chalamet. (Getty)

The young actress Ever Anderson Jovovich, Daughter of Milla Jovovich, she came dressed very much in the line of the collection, in vichy squares and with a naive point. Katherine Langford, the star of ‘For 13 Reasons’, opted for a black minidress with a front, ruffles and a large bow that also respected the Miu Miu codes.

Katherine Langford. (Getty)

Venus Williams

She gave it a sporty air with a short skirt in quilted fabric, which she combined with platform sandals and a knitted top.

Venus Williams. (Getty)

Carine Roitfeld

For his part, he did not get rid of his rogue air and was faithful to the leather biker.

Carine Roitfeld. (Getty)

Pixie Geldof

Pixie Geldof. (Getty)

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung. (Getty)

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a parade for bookworms with Venus Williams and Alexa Chung