A sequel to ‘Alien: Covenant’? Guy Pearce doesn’t know if Ridley Scott will do it

Guy Pearce no sabe yes Ridley Scott make one sequel from Alien: Covenant. The sixth film, released in 2017, continued the story of Prometheus and followed the story as a prequel to the events recounted by Scott in his Alien 1979. Emphasizing the origins of the alien and the beings known as Engineers, the filmmaker has never wanted to close the door on a trilogue that connects both stories, but it seems that Pearce, who has incarnated Peter Weyland in the most recent films, it is not clear to him.

In an interview with ComicBook in which he presents his new film, Zone 414, the actor is sincere about it.

Alien: Covenant has its continuation hanging by a thread

The saga of Alien it has had more failures than successes. Beyond their crossover with Predator, the sequels of the first two installments have had a different quality, with lucid moments and other very mediocre ones, without finding the genius that made the works of Scott and James Cameron shine with their own light. Despite trying to revive the series with Neill Blomkamp and an ambitious project in the form of Alien 5, the thing did not work and I ended up in borage water. The idea of ​​a Alien 5 keep going on Hollywood, with a series by Disney + and Hulu which we knew more about in July. But, I will continue with the story seen after Prometheus and Covenant?

Covenant takes place 11 after Prometheus, telling us how the crew of a colonial ship woke up from their ecstasy, surviving an unexpected solar storm and investigating a mysterious planet who seems to have better conditions for life than his destiny. The captain decides to respond to a strange signal, to check the potential of the planet as colonia and investigate. Logically, they find a threat unexpected and with one of the survivors of Prometheus doing his thing. Pearce, who appeared in the prologue as the father and creator behind David (Michael Fassbender), claims that he keeps in touch with Scott and is sure that if the director were planning a sequel, he would know.

I honestly don’t know. Again, you never know. Nor did he expect to go out in Covenant!

“Sincerely, i don’t know. Again, you never know. Nor did I expect to go out in Covenant! So who knows. I haven’t spoken to Ridley lately, but we stay in touch. I’m sure if there is something, you will let me know. What’s more, I think he was very generous even when he included me in the films in the first place, and he always told me how satisfied he was with what we came up with, “says the actor who played the founder of Weyland, the all-powerful corporation that would end causing all the problems – or almost all – in the movies of Alien. While the future of the saga in the cinema hangs by a thread, Noah Hawley, creator of Fargo and Legion of FX, finalizes his project for television based on Alien, a dark story that will take place on Earth and that will delve into the corporations and the terror that they originate among the inhabitants of this future.

Finish Scott his story? Will we know more about the fate of the Covenant colonial ship and the embryos? Will this Disney + series be related to the prequels or will it develop closer to the original films? Many questions remain to be answered.


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A sequel to ‘Alien: Covenant’? Guy Pearce doesn’t know if Ridley Scott will do it