Aaron Eckhart says that The Dark Knight is cinema, art and a “reflection of our time”

Batman starts – 84% managed to restore dignity to Batman on the big screen, and the truth is that it was more complicated than we can believe at first. On the one hand, the popular character was already allied to certain more simplistic forms, not only because of the famous television series with Adam West, but also because of the latest installments, including Batman & Robin – 11% that George Clooney still does not exceed. On the other hand, the context of the superhero adaptations to the cinema remained mostly in the youthful line and without complications. Christopher Nolan managed to break with these schemes and change the world of superheroes in cinema forever.

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For starters, the first installment recovered the character’s dark origin, but also his moral ambivalence and his commitment to achieve a balance in a corrupt world. In that sense, Christian Bale’s performance was just as valuable in bringing the story to fruition. We have actors who managed to be good Batman without being good Bruce Wayne and vice versa, but Bale managed to reflect both aspects successfully. Once the difficult task of repairing the wear and tear that the character presented to the public was overcome, the sequel had to be even better.

Batman: The Dark Knight – 94% was an evolutionary step for comic book adaptations and Heath Ledger’s work as Joker It was so shocking that not even the most important awards worldwide, which tend to ignore this subgenre, could ignore its interpretation. Twelve years after its premiere, the sequel remains firmly among the lists of the best titles and from time to time its thematic relevance is rediscovered, like Aaron Eckhart himself, who plays Harvey Dent, recently highlighted.

Although the already known fight between Batman and Joker moves the story forward, the character of Harvey Dent it is the center of the moral battle between hero and villain. Dent represents a bit of hope, one that can spread and spread as much or more than corruption, but which is also fragile. In that sense, the film is more about this ordinary lawyer, but with strong principles, who becomes the object of interest for both sides. During a recent interview for The Hollywood Reporter, Eckhart acknowledges that and explains that this is precisely why the film is more complex:

You have a city [Gotham] oppressed and run by a criminal gang. People can’t go out during the day, everyone is afraid for their safety, and the people who are paid to protect you are corrupt. They are part of the gang and no one can be trusted. Sounds familiar? And people look for a superhero to regain their freedom. Not only is it a great story, it is what cinema and art are really about. It is a reflection of our times.

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Wander’s actor – 40% consider that the idea of ​​corruption and mistrust is still valid, especially in this year full of suspicions, intrigues, political changes, marches against the forces of order and extremist positions on almost any issue. While the Dent of the tape fails to pass the fire test of Joker, Eckhart is sure his morals would have made him act right again:

He would have told the truth. That’s the great thing about Harvey Dent. Despite everything that was going on, he is honest and is a moral center. And not only that, he is the face of truth, right? I don’t mean to say that you are not hiding behind something, but you are not. Now when he’s Two-Face he does, but Harvey Dent is out there fighting for the common man, for truth and justice, and he puts himself at risk. But in doing so he received a bite and changed forever. But you don’t want to lose your Harvey Dents in life.

The end of Batman: The Dark Knight shows us a Batman determined to blame himself so that Dent’s unblemished image remains that way, because he understands that this idol is what a people without hope requires, beyond a hooded man. Of course, Joker the film is stolen, but it is true that at a narrative level Dent is the figure to follow because he represents the common man fighting with his own resources to improve his home instead of fleeing from it, letting it die, or proclaiming himself a hero with narcissistic tendencies. Just this philosophical and social stance, they show us that the delivery goes far beyond black and white, of heroes against terrible villains over and over again, an argument that other adaptations to date tend to follow.

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Aaron Eckhart says that The Dark Knight is cinema, art and a “reflection of our time”