Aaron Paul: this was the actor’s audition for Breaking Bad | Spoiler

On August 27, 1979, he was born in Idaho, United States, Aaron Paul. The actor is mainly known for being one of the protagonists of the series “Breaking Bad” from AMC, where he played the role of Jesse Pinkman throughout its five seasons.

Aaron Paul is a renowned actor known for playing Jesse Pinkman on the series Breaking Bad. In addition, in 2019 he starred the Netflix original movie, “El Camino,” which ran as a sequel to the AMC show. Without a doubt, Jesse was one of the most valued and acclaimed characters by Breaking Bad fans.

Over the years many people have wondered how the actor was chosen to play the iconic character that launched him to fame and the answer is summed up in a less than 2 minute video showing Aaron Paul auditioning to form part of the series.

In this video we can already see him totally immersed in character and with some of the characteristics and expressions that will make us remember Jesse Pinkman forever. Her performance conveyed so much power to the casting supervisor, that he chose it even after forgetting the lyrics.

There are rumors that Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranstron, Walter in the series, could appear in the sixth season of Better Call Saul, but this is not confirmed. On the other hand, Paul recently participated in the third installment of HBO’s Westworld.


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Aaron Paul: this was the actor’s audition for Breaking Bad | Spoiler