Actors who would be perfect for a live action Tim Burton animations

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In recent years, there is a trend in Disney productions to make live-action adaptations of animated classics.

As of yet, there are no plans for an adaptation of Tim Burton’s animations; However, it is not difficult to imagine that sooner or later one will be made and there are actors who would be perfect to play the director’s characters.

Officially, Burton has directed only two animated feature films, Corpse of the Bride and Frankenweenie, both nominated for an Oscar for best animated film.

However, he also produced and wrote The strange world of Jack, one of his best-known works, and, before consolidating as a director, he released several short films, including Vincent.

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Find out which actors would be perfect to make up the cast of a possible live action of some of Tim Burton’s productions.

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Corpse of the Bride

Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter voiced Victor Van Dort and Emily, so it is not difficult to imagine them in the live action version, as they were also Tim Burton’s fetish actors for several years.

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However, there are other options that might even be better than Burton’s spoiled actors for the lead roles. Timothée Chalamet or Dev Patel would do a great job as Victor Van Dort.

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Another option for the main character is Bill Skarsgard, known for being the clown Pennywise in the recent adaptation of It.

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Emily could be played by youtuber Emma Chamberlain, although the favorite choice of the fans es Laura Harrier.

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The undisputed role of Victoria would have to go to Anya Taylor-Joy, who has become one of the most recognized actresses in Hollywood in recent years and stands out for the versatility of her characters.

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Originally, Frankenweenie It was a 1984 live action short film starring Barret Oliver, but the cast would change today.

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Jack Dylan Grazer, known for It and Shazam, I could play little Victor Frankenstein, the main character; while his father could be Jim Carrey.

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In the animated version, Winona Ryder voiced Elsa Van Helsing, but the live-action role could go to Chloe Grace-Moretz.

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If Timothée Chalamet isn’t considered for the role of Victor Van Dort, he’s also the perfect fit for Vincent, the character in Tim Burton’s 1982 short film.

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Chalamet has already reinterpreted Edward Scissorhands in a commercial and will be the new Willy Wonka, so he could continue in Tim Burton’s line of dark characters.

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The strange world of Jack

The Strange World of Jack was not directed by Tim Burton, but he did create the characters, and it is one of his best-known productions.

For the role of Jack, Dave Patel reappears, although it could also be filled by Diego Luna. However, Eddie Redmayne is an actor who has previously stood out for the characterization of his characters, so he would be a perfect Jack.

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Sally could be played by Zendaya or Lupita Nyong’o, who have featured in the industry in recent years.

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Sandy Claws could be in charge of Tom Hanks, as he played a version of Santa in The polar Express.

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Actors who would be perfect for a live action Tim Burton animations