Actress of Doctor House accuses James Franco of sexual predator and Seth Rogen of being his accomplice

James Franco and Seth Rogen fall at the center of the controversy due to the online statements of Charlyne Yi, actress who played Chi Park in the last season of Dr. House. Through your profile on Instagram, Yi shares extensive testimonies about the dangers of abuse and openly accuses Franco and Rogen of inappropriate behavior, and the means and the law to protect them.

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In one of his posts, Yi explains that she tried to break the contract that kept her affiliated with The Disaster Artist: Obra Maestra – 94%, film directed by and starring James Franco. The actress maintains that Franco He is a sexual predator and he tried to persuade her to have sex by offering her a big role, she refused. He also accused Rogen to know the previous situation, suggesting that it was part of the movements of James and even defended it. Here one of the publications of Yi and Instagram:

Women don’t feel safe to speak up when the media and jurisdiction empower rich and powerful predators, and they don’t mind investing in educating themselves with tools to support survivors. There are many women (some who were attacked and groomed as children) who have not publicly shared about Franco. Please support the people who have done it. Edit: Gaslighting can also lead to self-blame and denial in which the survivor forgets or minimizes the abuse, continues relationships with the abusers, and cannot see the red flags of the predators who may attack them.

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Content warning: predatory abuse, gaslighting. The reporters who interviewed the women who spoke out against Franco should have been informed about the trauma, educated about psychopaths, predatory behavior, survivors with cptsd / ptsd, and created a base to support them. The people who gave Franco a platform should have done all of the above, and understand the power imbalance: Franco, being a celebrity with power, money, an expensive and influential lawyer, has already abused them psychologically, and then they are offered huge television platforms to gaslight the survivors, sending their followers to attack those women. Which is actually violence as well as trauma.

Gaslighting is incredibly dangerous and violent and can lead the survivor to lose self-esteem / intuition to protect himself from being attacked again, perpetuating the cycle of abuse and can cause suicidal thoughts and suicide. And this already adds to the lifelong PTSD, flashbacks, night terrors, other health problems, the need for financial support, the daily worry of being harassed, mugged or killed, and all the laws that protect. to men of responsibility. Because they are made by men.

At the beginning of 2019, two women decided to raise their voices and file a lawsuit against the actor James Franco, whom they accuse of sexual exploitation. Sarah Tither-Kaplan and Toni Gaal, former students of an acting school founded by James, filed a lawsuit that identified the actor as a participant in a group of men who used the institution’s students as a means of engaging in inappropriate sexual behaviors. The statements mentioned that women came to acting school with the illusion of having a successful career, but were used by James Franco and his colleagues for some sexual benefit; argue that the actor wrapped them with promises of greatness and important roles in future projects, however, in reality it was all a pretext to take advantage of them. All of this would have happened after 2014.

Since 2014, James he has been the protagonist in the accusations of several women who point to him as a perpetrator of predatory behavior. Despite these situations, Franco He is still a household name in the industry and has on several occasions voiced his support for movements that seek to end harassment in Hollywood, a fact that has prompted convictions regarding his alleged hypocrisy. The 42-year-old actor maintains a low profile in the industry today; the last film he directed was released in 2019

For its part, Seth Rogen he stays a little more active. He recently lent his voice to the character Allen the Alien in Invincible – 100%, the animated series of Prime Video that has become the sensation of the platform. He has also had great success as an executive producer on The Boys – 95%, the superhero series (also Amazon) that surprised audiences by putting a crafty twist on the genre; The third season is currently being developed but there is still no exact release date.

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Actress of Doctor House accuses James Franco of sexual predator and Seth Rogen of being his accomplice