Alex Wolff assures that The Devil’s Legacy left him psychological havoc with which he still lives

Despite the fact that the horror genre is one of the most acclaimed by the audience worldwide, in reality there are few productions that are satisfactory. Most of them have sinned with the unjustified use of sound effects, lighting and a myriad of clichés that little by little are generating less fear because of how predictable they are; other films fail to get the attention they seek because their narrative becomes too slow or confusing when a filmmaker wants to explore new paths.

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In the golden age of Hollywood cinema, since the 20s, the most attractive were monsters, for the 70s came the film that has reigned as the most terrifying in history, The Exorcist – 87%, in the eighties they began to play with stories that combine horror with comic, absurd or grotesque touches, in the late 90s and early 2000s a new way of generating fear was found through false documentaries such as The Blair Witch Project – 86%.

But it was until 2018 when a new name emerged with a different vision of terror, seeking to stand out among all the stories already told with thunderous noises or very little lighting. Ari Aster premieres Hereditary (The Devil’s Legacy – 96%), where the family seeks to get away from a cult to which several of their ancestors have belonged for a long time and a series of horrendous events persecute each one of them to continue leading said cult. The film generated so much conversation because of the novelty in the way of telling the story, that many compared it to the fear caused by the film starring Linda Blair at the time.

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There were scenes that did not stop resounding in the minds of the viewers, and everything seems to indicate that the cast was not without psychological effects even after the film was released. One of them was Alex Wolff, who plays Peter Graham, the eldest son of the family, who carries all the burden of the story especially in the second half of the film. During a conversation with Looper, the actor explained what he’s had to deal with since starring in the Aster movie.

I’ll tell you that movie hurt me the most [del que puede hacer] a movie. […] It’s very difficult because as an actor, you really don’t want to sound pretentious or serious or like something is too much because we have a comfortable job in many ways, but this, emotionally, was one of those difficult ones, it was one of those that actually did some gymnastics. in my emotional well-being.

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It is worth mentioning that in this film the mother is played by Toni Collette, who shows her remarkable evolution from The Sixth Sense – 85%. On the other hand, Milly Shapiro gave life to the younger sister who, by the way, also has an important load of horror that generates a certain impact on the protagonist. And, finally, the father is played by Gabriel Byrne, who already has an interesting career in the horror genre.

Up to now, The Devil’s Legacy is the highest grossing film of A24, while Ari Aster continues to surprise with its interesting twists when telling horror stories as it also did with Midsommar: Terror Doesn’t Wait for the Night – 98%. It is worth mentioning that Wolff has had a varied career as he has appeared in recent installments of Jumanji in the Jungle – 76% and Jumanji: The Next Level – 83%, without forgetting their time at the recently released Viejos – 55% and the movie he is currently promoting with Nicolas Cage: Pig.


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Alex Wolff assures that The Devil’s Legacy left him psychological havoc with which he still lives