All the movies and series that arrive on Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Disney +, Movistar + and Filmin in the week of March 1 to 7 – News of series

What titles hit the streaming platforms in the next seven days? Find out.

The first week of March 2021 arrives full of movie premieres – and the occasional series – on the different ‘streaming’ platforms. In the Amazon Prime Video catalog, the debut of the sequel to The prince of Zamunda, The King of Zamunda, starring Eddie Murphy 30 years later. Also one of the star releases of the week is the new Disney film, Raya and the last dragon, which you can see from the sofa in your home with Disney + but also in movie theaters.

HBO Spain and Movistar + also do not bring series with them in the first week of the new month. Yes, recent premieres in the case of the second and different successful titles in the case of the first. Too of the movie debuts in a big way in March, with several dozen movies that go on to add to the already extensive catalog of the platform.

You can take note below all the premieres of movies and series on Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Disney +, Movistar + and Filmin in the week of March 1 to 7.



Law & Order: Special Victims Unit – Seasons 11-13

Produced by the same creator as the parent series, Dick Wolf, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit is the first ‘spin-off’ of the successful franchise Law. In it we follow in the footsteps of the unit in charge of investigating different crimes that take place in New York City. Amazon adds new seasons this week: 11, 12, and 13.

Premiere: 6th of March


The King of Zamunda

Sequel to the unforgettable movie The Prince of Zamunda starring Eddie Murphy at the end of the eighties, now, 30 years later, the protagonist returns to get into the skin of his funny character to return to New York. There he had a son of whom he was not aware, but he is willing to meet him, meet him and give him his succession rights to the Throne of Zamunda.

Premiere: March 5th



Sucker Punch

This film of suspense and fantasy, but also a lot of action, was directed by Zack Snyder in 2011. In it we follow the footsteps of a young woman who is admitted by her stepfather to a psychiatric center after the death of her mother. To survive there, the young woman creates a parallel reality in her head while, together with other companions, she begins to develop a worked escape plan.

Premiere: March 1st


Starring and directed by Ed Harris (Westworld), the action of the film takes place in New Mexico, in the midst of the conquest of the West. The mining town of Appaloosa survives under the rule of a powerful rancher and his henchmen, so the locals decide to come together as a community and go to the sheriff in the hope that his help will bring peace and justice back to the place.

Premiere: March 1st


Robert Zemeckis is behind the wheel in this fantastic adventure starring Ray Winstone and Angelina Jolie. In times when the regions of Northern Europe were populated by heroes and monsters, we find the most adventurous Viking of all time: Beowulf. Until one day his bravery turned to wealth, and wealth to greed and ambition. And Beowulf began to weaken.

Premiere: March 1st

Hidden Beauty

Drama starring Will Smith as Howard Inlet, a brilliant and successful New York City advertising executive who lives wonderfully until his life is turned upside down by a terrible personal tragedy that causes him to fall into a terrible depression . His friends then decide to implement an unconventional plan that will be accompanied by unforeseen results.

Premiere: March 1st

Palm Trees in the Snow

Film adaptation of the homonymous novel by Luz Gabás, Palm trees in the snow is directed by Fernando González Molina and starring Mario Casas and Adriana Ugarte, among others, and is a story in two stages. In 1953, two brothers traveled from Huesca to the Spanish colony of Fernando Poo, on the island of Equatorial Guinea, to work on a cocoa plantation and there one of them fell in love with a native. 50 years later, Clarence (Ugarte) accidentally discovers a forgotten letter that leads her to visit the place where her father and uncle lived and thus unravel some family riddles.

Premiere: March 3rd



The family you choose

This film released last summer comes to Movistar + and which, starring Shia LaBeouf and Dakota Johnson, poses a entertaining adventure story set in the world of a modern Mark Twain that starts with the wishes of Zak, a young man with Down syndrome, to become a professional wrestler. To do this, he flees the clinic where he is cared for and finds a couple of wonderful allies along the way.

Premiere: March 4

Rosa’s wedding

Directed by Iciar Bollaín and starring Candela Peña, Rosa’s Wedding is the story of Rosa (Peña), a woman who, about to turn 45, begins to realize that she has never really owned her life. And decides to break with everything … to discover that too many people depend on her.

Premiere: March 5th


Drama of Spanish production directed by Pilar Palomero and starring. Andrea Fandos and Natalia de Molina. Las Niña is the story of Celia, an 11-year-old girl who studies at a nuns’ school in Zaragoza and whose mother lives longing to give her daughter everything she could not have, starting with the opportunity to study at the University. But the arrival at the center of Brisa pushes her fully to a stage that had to arrive: adolescence.

Premiere: 6th of March



Homeland – Seasons 1-8

Hailed almost like no other in its early days, the Showtime series starring Claire Danes is a relentless action thriller that begins with the suspicions of its protagonist, Carrie Mathison, a worker at the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center. that a recently rescued US soldier in Iraq is not what it seems. Many things happen in the next eight seasons of the series, which reaches Disney + in full.

Premiere: March 5th


Raya and the last dragon

Stripe and the Last Dragon is Disney’s latest animated film and its premiere will take place this week simultaneously: in theaters and from the streaming platform Disney + through Premium Access at an additional cost. You decide how you want to enjoy this story that will take you fully to the fantasy world of Kumandra, where humans and dragons coexisted without problems until the forces of evil threatened the place and the dragons sacrificed themselves to save humanity. When evil returns 500 years later, a lone warrior named Raya must find the last dragon to save the world.

Premiere: March 5 (additional cost)

Alita, Fighting Angel

This science fiction film directed by Robert Rodriguez takes us to the distant future, specifically to the XXVI century, to introduce us to Alita (Rosa Salazar), a semi-human cyborg rescued from scrap metal by Doctor Dyson Ido (Christoph Waltz) for rebuild her and adopt her as his daughter.

Premiere: March 5th



Shadow Lines

Thriller series of Finnish origin, Fist, takes us to Helsinkin in the 1950s. In the middle of the Cold War, in the country’s capital, the CIA and the KGB compete for control of a territory in the middle of the East and the West. Meanwhile, a Finnish secret service team struggles to maintain its independence.

Premiere: March 2


The monster of St. Pauli

Direct premiere by the hand of Filmin that will not go through theaters. The Monster of St. Pauli is the adaptation of the homonymous novel The golden handschuch by Heinz Strunk in 2016 and tells the true story of Fritz Honka, a serial killer responsible for the cruel crimes of four women in Hamburg’s red light district between 1970 and 1975.

Premiere: March 5th

-Other films and documentaries that are incorporated into the catalog-

  • The Shadow of the Iceberg – March 1
  • Bambi – March 1
  • Wild Side – 1 de marzo
  • Plein Sud – 1 de marzo
  • Tomorrow it all starts – March 1
  • Binti, a YouTuber without borders – March 1
  • Bixa Travesty – March 1st
  • Indianara – March 1
  • Wildlife – March 1
  • Window boy would like to have a submarine too – March 1
  • Mare – March 1
  • Invisible Youth – March 1
  • Sword of Trust – March 1
  • Les Vies de Therese – March 1
  • PJ Harvey: A dog called money – 1 de marzo
  • In the air tonight – 2 de marzo
  • Cheatin ‘- March 2nd
  • Beast Beast – 2 de marzo
  • America Recycled – 2 de marzo
  • Sylvio – March 2
  • Take me to the River – 2 de marzo
  • The Heart Machine – 2 de marzo
  • The Retrieval – 2 de marzo
  • We Used to Know Each Other – 2 de marzo
  • Wild Canaries – March 2
  • Yosemite – March 2
  • The 4th – March 2nd
  • 17 Blocks – 2 de marzo
  • Ghost Town Anthology – March 2
  • LoveTrue – March 2
  • Satan & Adam – March 2
  • Cody’s Summer – March 2
  • Wilcox – March 2
  • You Wouldn’t Understand – 2 de marzo
  • The Field Trip – 2 de marzo
  • Eagle – March 2
  • Tribes – March 2
  • Assassins – March 2
  • Guillen’s death – March 3
  • Stray – March 3
  • Nadia Butterfly – March 3
  • Made in Bangkok – 3 de marzo
  • Feel Good Man – 4 de marzo
  • The Ideal Palace – March 4
  • Swarm – March 4
  • First Light – 4 de marzo
  • I stay with you – March 4
  • Traces – March 4
  • Thirty – March 4
  • My Mexican Bretzel – March 4th
  • The Room – 4 de marzo
  • Aviva – March 4
  • Lazarus – March 4
  • Hidden Passenger – March 4
  • The Divorced Club – March 4
  • The Black Legend – March 4
  • The mother – 4 de marzo
  • Taxi – March 4
  • Lost Horse – March 4
  • Mermaids – March 4
  • The Year We Stopped Playing – March 4
  • Black Bear – 4 de marzo
  • Night of the Kings – 6 de marzo
  • Things We Don’t Do – March 6
  • He and Siberia – March 6
  • Terrible Child – 6 de marzo
  • The Hostage – March 7
  • Wish Times – March 7
  • The Ship of Oblivion – March 7
  • Cinnamon – March 7
  • Birdsong – 7 de marzo
  • Freshman Year – March 7

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All the movies and series that arrive on Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Disney +, Movistar + and Filmin in the week of March 1 to 7 – News of series