Ant-Man Star Celebrates Return to MCU In Marvel’s What If

Ant-Man star David Dastmalchian takes to Twitter to celebrate his return to the MCU in Disney+’s animated anthology series, Marvel’s What If…?

Ant-Man star, David Dastmalchian, celebrated his return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe after appearing in the latest episode of Marvel’s What If…? The series is Marvel Studios’ first venture into animation since the launch of the MCU in 2008. Following the season finale of Loki, which gave audiences the first formal introduction to the concept of the multiverse and variants, What If…? fully plunges into the concept as a narrative device to explore different interpretations of iconic moments from the MCU’s expansive chronology. The show’s latest episode, titled “What If… Zombies?!” saw Dastmalchian reprising his role as Kurt, who originally debuted in the Ant-Man duology of films.

The premise of the latest episode draws heavy inspiration from Robert Kirkman’s Marvel Zombies comic series, which originally released in 2005. However, in true MCU fashion, the show’s writers took many creative liberties with their own story by incorporating movie-exclusive characters like Dastmalchian’s Kurt. Apart from Kurt, the episode saw several other Marvel heavy-hitters like Spider-Man (Hudson Thames), Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Ant-Man (Paul Rudd), and the Wasp (Evangeline Lilly) return as well, with many of the original MCU cast returning to reprise their roles. Of the returning cast members, Dastmalchian is one of the more surprising additions – especially considering the fact that Kurt’s appearances have been limited to the Ant-Man films thus far.

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Dastmalchian recently took to Twitter to celebrate the return of Kurt in the MCU. In his tweet, the actor thanked the show’s creators as well as the other cast and crew that worked to bring the episode to life. Check out Dastmalchian’s full tweet below:

Kurt’s return to the MCU was a welcome surprise, even if only as a multiversal variant. Dastmalchian holds his own as one of the many laugh-out-loud aspects of the Ant-Man films even as he stars alongside comedic masters like Paul Rudd and Michael Peña. The character’s comical fear of Baba Yaga, a witch from Slavic folklore, is one of the films’ most memorable gags and luckily returns during Kurt’s appearance in What If…?

Despite Dastmalchian’s involvement in the MCU, his most iconic outing in a comic book movie is arguably in James Gunn’s recent film, The Suicide Squad. Dastmalchian’s role as the infamous Polka-Dot Man perfectly showcased the actor’s comedic and dramatic sensibilities. Marvel should take note of Dastmalchian’s talents moving forward, perhaps giving him a more substantial role in future MCU projects. Hopefully Kurt’s appearance in Marvel’s What If…? is a step in that direction.

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Ant-Man Star Celebrates Return to MCU In Marvel’s What If